Maung Day


Maung Day簡介

Maung Day is a Myanmar-born poet, editor and visual and performing artist based in Bangkok. He moved to Bangkok, Thailand in 2008 to earn his M.A (International Development Studies) at Chulalongkorn University, and until recently worked on eco-village designs and participatory projects for the empowerment of people at Eco-village Transition Asia (ETA).

He first discovered contemporary art around the year 2000 through libraries such as ones located in the American Embassy. Maung Day did not miss the opportunity to experiment with performance art, which had then become a popular way to elude censorship, and also got involved in the establishment of Beyond Pressure (2008 -), one of the well-known performance art festival of Myanmar. From 2010, he has collaborated with poets and worked on installations. In his felt-tip drawings, he attempts to redefine the images of Buddhism and mythology, and likewise with his poems he plays with the notions of metaphors and images.

"We need a community that discusses the Myanmar art scene from a global perspective. I want to create an art scene where NGOs and art unite, where NGOs provide more support for artists and artists are able to have more influence on society" Maung Day stated with conviction.

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