Ken KUNG簡介

Ken Kung, born in Hong Kong, a multicultural city is globally known for its mixture of West and East, which give Ken a special vision while growing up. Started in photography at 8, he followed his gut instinct to capture every valuable moment of society and later he gradually developed a spiritually minimalist art style. Without any formal education in art, Ken studied philosophy and art himself. Driven by the passion for art, Ken has particularly paid attention to art and media since his youth and become an advertising director, a writer and visual artist. On his 36th birthday, Ken experienced a big change in life path and in the middle of crossroad. He quitted his job and traveled around Europe. Throughout the whole journey, he started writing articles about art and self-enhancement. Two years later, Ken finally become an artist and entrepreneur dedicated to the development of his arts. His art pieces are exposed in places in Hong Kong, China as well as in US. Ken believes the nature of art can nurture and ignite one’s mind and soul to create a prettier and better world.

KEN KUNG believes in the nature of art as expressions of creativity and emotion. 2020 is totally beyond his imagination and everything seems can vanish suddenly. Ken wanted to create something meaningful to others, so the Joint Exhibition “Dream A Little Dream“ happened, where you can see his dream and spiritual collection from his artworks. During the process, Ken recalls his old memories and regards his artworks as records of reality and time. He insists that although life is not perfect, such imperfection leads us to something we believe.

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