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Jeremy Deller簡介

Jeremy Deller (born 30 March 1966) is an English conceptual, video and installation artist. Much of Deller's work is collaborative; it has a strong political aspect, in the subjects dealt with and also the devaluation of artistic ego through the involvement of other people in the creative process.

He won the Turner Prize in 2004, and in 2010 was awarded the Albert Medal of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce (RSA).

Deller is known for his Battle of Orgreave (2001), a reenactment of the actual Battle of Orgreave which occurred during the UK miners' strike in 1984, and for 2016's We're Here Because We're Here.

From 2007 to 2011, Deller served as a Trustee of the Tate Gallery.

香港人權藝術獎2020入圍名單公布 共35件入圍作品下月將公開展出


April 15, 2020

業內發佈, 視覺藝術,

由Justice Centre Hong Kong舉辦的香港人權藝術獎2020公佈本屆入圍名單,共35件藝術品獲選入圍,得獎作品將於2020年5月12日(星期二)公佈。一系列多元且發人深省的入圍作品連同得獎作品,將由2020年5月12日(星期二)至6月6日(星期六)在歌德藝廊開放予公眾參觀。因應新型冠狀病毒的情況,正安排透過網上平台供公眾欣賞,及後更會舉辦網上拍賣,詳情將稍後公佈。

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