Geoffrey Palmer


Geoffrey Palmer簡介

Geoffrey Palmer is a Hong Kong-based ceramic artist. Originally from New Zealand, where he graduated with degrees in both mathematics and finance, Geoffrey moved to Hong Kong and worked as a finance professional before pursuing his interest in art and graduating with a BA (Fine Art) from RMIT University, Melbourne. The influence of nature and his mathematical bent are both clearly evident in his artwork.

Oct 15, 2020
展覽 / 群展 / 視覺藝術
Jul 05, 2020
展覽 / 群展 / 視覺藝術 / 繪畫 / 雕塑 / 陶藝 / 裝置藝術
Jun 05, 2020
展覽 / 群展 / 視覺藝術 / 陶藝
Apr 14, 2018
展覽 / 群展 / 視覺藝術 / 陶藝
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