Edi Sunaryo


Edi Sunaryo簡介

Currently based in Yogyakarta, Edi Sunaryo (b.1951, Banyuwangi, Indonesia) also lectures at the Faculty of Fine Arts, ISI / Indonesia Institute of The Arts, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Edi Sunaryo is well established as both an artist and an intellectual in Indonesia’s art scene, having practiced as an artist for more than 30 years and is a holder of a Doctorate in Creation of Art. He is highly accomplished in both oil painting and printmaking techniques. Edi Sunaryo’s paintings are visually dynamic and mysterious, often imbued with rich colors, patterns and textures. The artist likes to encrypt hidden messages into his works that await the viewer’s discovery and deciphering. The use of symbolic imagery features strongly in his works as a signifier of meanings.

Edi Sunaryo is the winner of the prestigious Jakarta Art Award in 2008 and his works features in many prestigious art collections.