Chi Ho Choi


Chi Ho Choi簡介

Chi started his musical training at 8 with classical piano. He self-learned guitar at age 15 until he was introduced to a renowned Jazz musician, Mr. Tommy Ho in Hong Kong and started taking professional guitar lessons. In 2002, Chi moved to the United States to pursuit his dream on music. He graduated with Cum Laude Honor for his Bachelor Degree of Music Performance, majored in Jazz Guitar in Winthrop University, South Carolina. During his stay in the United States, he followed Dr. L. H. Dickert and James Hunter on Jazz guitar in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and Bill Hanna, Jazz music mentor in North Carolina. 

Chi is currently stationing in Hong Kong and providing guitar, Jazz, and music theory lessons. In addition, he is actively performing live gigs in wedding, company events and working as a recording artist, composer and arranger. In 2013, he was invited to Noble Fursday Big Band and Neo Feelim as a guitarist.