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Plum8 是一網上藝術平台,以亞洲為中心,把不同範疇的作品介紹予大家。我們深信,藝術與生活息息相關,所有人都應擁有接觸藝術品的機會。

Plum8致力推動藝術普及,提供各種創作媒體的原作及列印品, 包括油畫、繪畫、雕塑及攝影作品等,為你的日常生活中增添色彩。透過網上平台,Plum8可與大衆分享藝術家的作品和理念,讓更多人 感受欣賞藝術的喜悅。

Plum8 believes art can enlighten our daily lives. Life is fleeting but art lasts. Art spices up frumpy interior and provides a state of pause in our harried contemporary life.


Plum8 is an online platform build for people and artists. We hope to enlarge the chances for people to appreciate and contact with art by introducing new habit and manners to bring art into daily life. Plum8 provides original and print works, makes contacting art easier for everyone, especially for first-time buyers.

We know that art talents are the corpus of Plum8, therefore art portfolio and artwork submission is welcomed.

We promote selected artists under a seasonal theme as well as different curators’ choice. What’s on is a wide ranged media of wall hangable artwork, and more is coming.

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