Nock Art Foundation

Nock Art Foundation

HK 基金會

Nock Art Foundation簡介

Art Lease was established in Hong Kong in the year 2000 with the aim of providing quality artworks to grade A offices in Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Over the past decade the business has established its reputation as the leading art rental business in the city and has built up an extensive portfolio of fine art including paintings and sculpture by recognized local, Chinese and regional artists. 

In 2012 the business was acquired by Michael Nock, who has worked in the Hong Kong financial services industry for over three decades and who has been an avid art collector over this period. 

The concept behind the business is that art can boost employee productivity and creativity by improving the ambiance of an office space.

The display of fine art in an office can also create an enhanced sense of substance and refinement

Art Lease works with collectors and artists to expand its offering of original quality fine art 

The Art Lease consultants work with client companies to evaluate specific requirements including an assessment of suitable works based on the client’s tastes and needs
Through the operations of The Nock Art Foundation he has already brought a number of internationally acclaimed artist to Hong Kong and China and has established an infrastructure in Hong Kong to provide workspace and accommodation for visiting artists.


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