La Galerie Paris 1839

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La Galerie Paris 1839簡介



For years, Marie Florence Gros and Cyril Delettre share the same passion for art and specially photography. They also have been working together combining successfully their skills and creative minds to build several artistic projects including text and photography exhibitions as well as short movies.


Over the past decade, Asia’s art market has grown along with the region’s vaunted economies, and Hong Kong has become a real Art Hug with strong development of international galleries.

Very few galleries are specialized in art photography tho.

Coming to Hong Kong, the 2 founders have been totally seduced by the energy driving the city. They decided then to share with the public their passion and expertise opening a new gallery, right in the heart of the Asian art scene.

The gallery aims be one of the first art spaces specialized in high standard art photography and prints in Hong Kong.

Why 1839 ?

Photography has had a real development as an art media in the entire world for the last decades.

The idea of photographs as a cultural media is born in 1839, when the French government bought the patent of Daguerre to  « offer it to the world ». But it took one century to photography to get the recognition of art pieces. Nowadays, photographs are displayed in all museums around the world and the auctions exploded in the last ten years.

Bringing expertise

Everybody take pictures. You. Me. What makes the difference between artwork and ordinary cliché? Why some of them may reach millions of dollars and how to recognize the artists?

This is the point, this is where La Galerie entre en scène.


Collected by experts, La Galerie will showcase famous and emerging photographers. Their selection is based on their «  eye » : their artistic experience and aware intuition.  As curators, they recognize the photographs having a real artistic composition and value, but also the ones « telling a story »… The « je-ne-sais-quoi » which makes the difference.

With a deep understanding and sensitive approach of art, La Galerie build its collections with passion, lucidity and high standard requirements. We aim to offer to each visitor access to a consistent collection ofart pieces.

We cover and share all aspects of photography, from fine art photography to selected press photographs. The gallery presents international recognized masterpieces as well as a collection of growing artists.

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