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CNEX Hong Kong簡介

CNEX 為一非營利性質的民間文創組織,由兩岸三地熱愛紀錄片的人士組成,目前由北京國際交流協會、臺灣蔣見美教授文教基金會、香港 CNEX 基金會共同推動。

CNEX 以開展文化資源、培育文化創意人才、促進華人社會和諧進步與華人文化的可持續性發展為願景,期望透過紀實文藝促進國際社會與華人的文化交流。

CNEX 在大變遷的全球化時代,提供華人新一代紀實創作者及其文藝作品的創作與交流平臺,幫助更多的專業人士以影音和文字的形式留下華人社會發展的生態軌跡。


1. 文化資源整合: 


2. 建立紀實文藝資料庫: 

以影音創作帶動文字論述,以文字論述促進影音創作,為 21 世紀的華人社會留下紀實文藝資料庫,促進紀實文藝產業的可持續發展。 

自 2007 起連續十年,每年觀察該年度華人的精神動向與集體意識,選定與華人社會密切相關的年度主題,號召全球華人對此主題描述、響應、表達、對話,並以此主題進行徵案、拍攝、出版、展映、發行等活動。  



CNEX 的徵案補助拍攝不同於一般捐贈性質的補助行為,CNEX 以創造文化產業規模經濟為遠景,所有的文字報告和影像作品,最終將製成系列出版物向海內外發行推廣,創造不容忽視的影響力與歷史價值。


What is CNEX

CNEX is the short form of “Chinese Next” and “See Next”. It’s a non-profit foundation devoted to the production and promotion of documentaries of the Chinese people. CNEX strives to facilitate cultural exchange between Chinese and the rest of the world through supporting documentaries depicting contemporary Chinese – people of Chinese ethnicity, their living and their society. 

CNEX aspires to become a platform supporting Chinese documentary filmmakers to enhance a sustainable strategy for the contemporary Chinese documentary making. CNEX aims to establish and develop a library of global Chinese non-fiction works to preserve visuals and cultures of Chinese communities, especially in a time of unprecedented and rapid changes happening in this ancient culture. 

Who We Are

We have a great team consisting of professional filmmakers, passionate staff and volunteers, as well as an expanding advisory board. Three key founding members of CNEX are: Ben Tsiang (CEO), Ruby Chen (COO) and Chang Chaowei (Chief Producer). 

What We Do



  • Annual Thematic Production
    There will be a chosen theme announced annually to solicit documentary films, articles, publications, and art works through online and offline submission. This will allow CNEX to produce, collect and disseminate influential works. The goal is to preserve the development history of the Chinese people at the beginning of the 21st century to serve as a memoir for our future generations.

  • CNEX Documentary Film Festival
    Based on the chosen theme of the year, CNEX will host a series of activities to explore and create cultural works, climaxing in the CNEX Documentary Film Festival with workshops and art exhibition

  • Publication and Distribution
    CNEX will invite well-known commentators and culture experts from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong for composing articles or participating in the forums on the chosen theme. It will also promote the documentaries produced and the collated intellectual achievements through diversified channels, campuses exhibitions, cultural venues, international film and TV festivals, overseas Chinese communities, as well as forms of new media.

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