Chiczando Concept Ltd

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Chiczando Concept Ltd簡介

Chiczando (pronounced: ˈshēk ˈzan ˈdoh)
We are an Art Consultancy Firm specializing in CROSS-PLATFORM ART Event Management


Linking ART & COMMERCE!!
Chic = We are chic, cutting-edge and forward thinking people...
Sforzando = getting louder or stronger in musical term

It started off as a weekend hobby creating events for various organizations as a side business, that led to two friends with similar passion and views on the arts engaging in deep conversations on ways to improve the arts & culture scene in Hong Kong. Thus, Chiczando Concept Ltd was born in 2010 as a playground for all things creative.

In the span of 3 years, the company has evolved to include design, arts programming, event productions and a consultancy business to corporate companies, NGOs and arts organizations throughout the Pearl River Delta. The unique combination of the Chiczando team possess a solid background in arts, productions and retail management, creative planning, strong networking and business acumen. Most importantly, a HEART for understanding artistic needs and integrity.

Chiczando’s name was inspired by the italian musical term "sforzando"(sfz), which indicates a sudden, accented musical change, while Chiczando’s Chinese name Shàng Xǐ (尚璽) - derives from "Seal of Magnificence", in the hope to imprint unforgettable experiences.

We are “YOUR LINK to Art and Commerce!!”

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