C&G 藝術單位

C&G Artpartment

HK 香港九龍太子西洋菜街南222號3字樓 藝術機構/中心

C&G 藝術單位簡介

C & G藝術單位是由兩位香港藝術家:張嘉莉及鄭怡敏在2007年創立的藝術空間,分別以視覺藝術教育 及 展覽空間雙線發展,目標是關注本地的藝術生態,回應社會時事,善用現址環境及空間,集中發展本地新晉藝術,協助培育本地藝術工作者,拓展觀眾,以填充本地藝術圈的灰色地帶和罅隙,期望成為具本地特色的藝術交流中心。, 

在過去六年,C & G藝術單位共策劃了三十多個展覽,包括「基本回歸」、「0771」、「致曾特首」、「西九新展場‧預展」、「請病假」、「鳥巢之下」、「貪婪」、「心肺復甦法」、「原始當代系列」、「致曾特首二」、「西九文化大革命區」、「6,000」等。這些展覽的主題均是關注本地的藝術生態及回應社會時事,吸引了不少觀眾參觀和傳媒報導。近期,他們更積極參與及策劃不同的藝術交流活動,希望進一步拓展本地與其他地區的文化藝術對話,過去交流地方包括:波蘭,印度,以色列,南韓,台灣及中國等。 


C&G (Clara & Gum) are two Hong Kong artists who have founded the art space: C&G Artpartment in Hong Kong, China, in 2007. With a strong concern over the local art ecology, C&G use their art to respond to social and cultural issues. Also, they help develop new flavors in the local art scene, and provide art education programs for the public in their art space. Their essential goal is to fill up the crack in the current art scene, and allow C&G Artpartment becomes an art space for idea exchanges. 

In the past 6 years, C&G Artpartment has curated more than 30 art exhibitions that included more than 70 local artists to respond to the social and cultural issues in Hong Kong, including “Back To The Basic,” “0771,” “To Tsang, C.E.”, “The Preview of New West Kowloon Exhibition Venue,” “Sick Leave,” “To Tsang, C.E. 2,” “West Kowloon Cultural Revolution District,” “6,000” and the “Primitive Contemporary” art exhibition series etc. All these exhibits successfully attracted the local media and. many visitors. Recently, they have also hosted and participated in various exchange projects to initiate more cultural and artistic dialogues amongst artists from Hong Kong, Poland, India, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, China etc. 


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