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CCDC舞蹈中心的舞蹈課程,一直以嚴謹的訓練與及多元化的選擇著稱;而外展計劃及社區表演肩負起推廣及拓展觀眾網絡的使命;夥伴計劃則全力支持獨立藝人及舞蹈界新一代從事創作,提供創作空間及行政與技術專業支援,亦為舞蹈愛好者策劃不同類別的舞蹈活動及演出。CCDC舞蹈中心因著對香港舞蹈教育、推廣和支持的工作,多次獲獎,包括香港舞蹈聯盟頒發「香港舞蹈年獎2005」、香港藝術發展局藝術發展獎之藝術教育獎(2011)及藝術贊助獎(2012)。自1998年起,CCDC一直致力開展中國舞蹈發展計劃,在北京及廣州建立平台作為戰略性發展中心,一方面凝聚內地藝術家及藝團,同時為拓展香港現代舞的發展空間建立橋樑及基地。2010年CCDC舞蹈中心及廣東現代舞團,因《青年舞蹈雙城 – 香港.廣州》計劃建立珠三角地區文化交流的網絡及促進交流而再獲「香港舞蹈年獎2010」。


自1998年起,CCDC一直致力開展中國舞蹈發展計劃,在北京及廣州建立平台作為戰略性發展中心,一方面凝聚內地藝術家及藝團,同時為拓展香港現代舞的發展空間建立橋樑及基地。2010年CCDC舞蹈中心及廣東現代舞團,因《青年舞蹈雙城 – 香港.廣州》計劃建立珠三角地區文化交流的網絡及促進交流而再獲「香港舞蹈年獎2010」。


City Contemporary Dance Company was first founded on the rooftop of an old building in Wong Tai Sin in 1979. Now, our first home has become the dance landmark in Hong Kong - CCDC Dance Centre. Nurturing Ground for Local Artistic Talents City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) is committed to the long-term development of modern dance and dance education. At the beginning of 2004, the Company established CCDC Dance Centre. The Centre continues to realise CCDC’s missions on dance education. It has also embarked on a Partnership Programme which aimed at facilitating independent artists and organisations to develop their creative works. As the dance landmark in Hong Kong, our rehearsal studios as well as the Jockey Club Dance Theatre create a supportive and ideal environment for dance development. By organising alternative activities and experimental dance performances, the Centre provides an excellent meeting place for dance lovers and the artists. Each year CCDC Dance Centre provides dance courses to over 12,000 students, and organizes 8,000 creative workshops. It also reaches out to the youth and the public by bringing free performances to schools, housing estates, parks and shopping arcades. Dance Courses The in-house Dance courses offer a great variety of choices and quality trainings whereas our Outreach programmes promote dance in various schools, town halls and communities to broaden audience base. The Partnership Programme is a platform supporting independent and emerging artists by offering them rehearsal space, technical and administrative support. CCDC Dance Centre received the Hong Kong Dance Award 2005, Hong Kong Arts Development Council Arts Development Award in Arts Education (2011) and Arts Sponsorship (2012) for its outstanding contribution in dance education, promotion and support in Hong Kong. China Dance Development CCDC Dance Centre also launches its China Dance Development Programme (CDDP) and has set up a strategic partnership with counterparts in Beijing and Guangzhou. CDDP, on one hand, has strengthened the collaboration with mainland artists and organizations, and on the other hand, has acted as a catalyst for Hong Kong’s dance development propelling on the mainland. On 2010, CCDC Dance Centre received the Hong Kong Dance Award again for its Pearl River Delta community dance and education exchange project ”Youth Dance • Two Cities – Hong Kong”Guangzhou”.


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