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Perfect Fourth 口琴四重奏旨在於傳統的基礎上創造一種現代時尚的表演風格。

PERFECT FOURTH  is a harmonica quartet formed in 2019, with four talents from Hong Kong. Perfect fourth is a traditional musical term representing a unique relation between two pitches. While the use of it has been prevalent even in the European middle ages, the stacking of fourths is also often used nowadays to create chords and progressions with a sense of modernity. The PERFECT FOURTH Harmonica Quartet aims at creating a modern and fashionable performance style on the basis of their invaluable traditional influence.

Members of the ensemble swept the boards of a number of international harmonica festivals. Top prizes captured include Champion in Chromatic Harmonica Solo (with Test Piece) at the World Harmonica Festival (WHF), which is regarded as the highest honour (Cy Leo); WHF Champion in Harmonica Duet (Ivan Chong); Harmonica Ensemble Champion at the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival (APHF) (Ramiel Leung) and APHF Champion in Harmonica Orchestra (Jerry Wong).

The celebrated group was originated from three members of the VELOZ Harmonica Quartet, which had performed actively on various stages, including Hong Kong Arts Festival (Guests), a number of APHFs, and a performance tour in Eastern Europe. In February 2014, they appeared in the TV programme “Amazing Chinese” broadcast on CCTV 1, which attracted up to 100 million audiences and received critical acclaim. The quartet collaborated with a number of distinguished artists, including Brendan Power (harmonica), King’s Harmonica Quintet, Mui Kwong Chiu (composer), Nancy Loo (piano), Lung Heung Wing, Chin Kwok Wai, Chau Chin Tung (percussion), Timothy Sun (Saxophone), Eric Yip (cello), Andrew Birkun (accordion), Clarion (clarinet ensemble), Set Tone Men (a cappella Group), City Chamber Orchestra, Lo Tung Lo Percussion Group (Drum), R&T (Rhythm & Tempo) (Tap Dance), etc. Besides performances, the quartet was also featured by a number of media, including Apple Daily, TVB, RoadShow, Commercial Radio, and RTHK. In Feb 2019, the quartet had undergone a major reformation. Ramiel Leung (chord harmonica) joined later and the group named PERFECT FOURTH was established since Oct 2019. 

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