ZZHK Gallery

ZZHK Gallery

HK G/F, 3 Wa Lane, Sheung Wan Hong Kong 畫廊

ZZHK Gallery簡介

1973年,ZZHK畫廊首先建立於英國倫敦,2012年來到香港。四十多年來,ZZHK畫廊一直專注於二十世紀及當代藝術,版畫和現當代藝術大師的珍貴紙本作品,包括昂利‧馬諦斯 (Henri Matisse),巴布羅‧畢卡索 (Pablo Picasso),胡安‧米羅 (Joan Miró),亨利·摩爾 (Henry Moore),大衛‧霍克尼 (David Hockney),等等。畫廊提供諮詢和顧問服務,在過去的四十多年已為世界各地的收藏家建立了很多重要的私人和公共收藏。那些眼光敏銳的、最初只懷抱著對藝術的熱愛進而購買藝術的收藏家,往往到最後帶給他們樂趣的收藏卻成為了一項意想不到的投資。與此同時,ZZHK畫廊也盡力向大眾推廣不同形式的藝術和新興藝術家。

ZZHK Gallery  has been trading since 1973, first in London and now in Hong Kong, a forty year history of buying and selling art around the world. ZZHK Gallery specializes in 20th Century and contemporary art, fine prints and rare works on paper by modern and contemporary masters like Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore. Meanwhile, ZZHK Gallery also shows works by up and coming artists, especially additional works from emerging markets such as China and India. There remains an inner core of smart collecting, those with a discerning eye who buy for pleasure, and whose collections in turn often become investments.


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