Pratchaya Phinthong


Pratchaya Phinthong簡介

Pratchaya Phinthong (b. 1974, Thailand) creates situations as an invitation made to the visitor to share an experience with him. His projects (without any specific or pre-defined form) suggest a crack in which the spectators are invited to fill the gaps. He builds a set, a fiction, or a process where he can test our perceptions. He proposes to his audience a story with multiple paths. A trip down memory lane combined with subjective perceptions. His projects are often constructed in a dialogue between the artist and the others, making the artist’s movement glide towards the social field. Beyond any artistic or formal experience, the artist is looking to find his place and his identity playing on the economic representations and cultural existences. The ‘gallery’ space becomes a free area. Therefore, Phinthong works in a dynamic area in between different realities underlining the space and distance that separates them: two geographical points, two societies, two economic systems.

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