Khris NUNG


Khris NUNG簡介

Khris Nung is a music producer, sound designer, composer, arranger, songwriter and keyboardist.  He believes that pop music and creative sound design could be good friends.  After graduating from the University of Hong Kong with a Degree in English Literature and French, he pursued his musical studies at the world renowned Berklee College of Music, majoring in Electronic Production and Sound Design (EPD).  Apart from being a piano principal at Berklee, he also plays the guitar and the saxophone.

His main musical influences include his father's enormous CD collection (classical, jazz, country); alternative / experimental rock from

UK, US and Japan; electronic music in general (e.g. bass, house, trap, LA beat, IDM); as well as Cantopop and Mandopop.  He never stops expanding his palette and exploring new sounds.  He was selected as an artist for the Pop Kultur Festival in Berlin in 2017 and for the Ear Up Program in Hong Kong in 2018.

In 2018 he started 19Hz Production Studio in Hong Kong, specializing in electronic / R&B / dance / pop music production, film and advertisement music, and vocal recording. 

At the moment, he is working on his debut EP which would explore his identity as a Hong Kong raised electronic musician. 

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