Celine Bacque(1979-2016)


Celine Bacque(1979-2016)簡介

Céline Bacqué was a French independent dancer, choreographer, performer, improvisation artist, and teacher. She was a leading proponent of improvisational art in ASIA. She dedicated herself to developing the improvisation art scene in KOREA and Asia through multidisciplinary co-creation and collaboration projects as well as international art exchange programs, such as performance, choreography, workshops, and research labs.

Céline was happy to call herself a traveler; however, her life journey seemed too short. On 9 May 2016, she passed away from a scrub typhus from Orientia tsutsugamushi at the age of 37 in Taipei, Taiwan. Her death was a huge shock to her family as well as her friends all over the world.

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