Alice Rensy


Alice Rensy簡介

Alice Rensy is a Hong Kong based dramaturge, producer, dancer and dance teacher. She has collaborated with performing artists Yang Hao and Cai Ying with whom she has created 4 pieces, and “Wo Men” (2016) respectively. As a producer, Alice has initiated and curated a dozen of performances in Hong Kong since 2012. Initially she began to produce contemporary dance performances in Paris under the name HappArt, and in 2010 she met and later managed the choreographer Raimund Hoghe, touring with him and his team over 2 years. In 2016, Alice worked with the visual artist Nathalie Rothkoff during a one month residency in Hong Kong Charbon Art Space on a new performance. This piece has been performed three times in Art Basel Hong Kong on the Asia Art Archive booth.

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