Wong Way Down Jazz Symphony

HK 樂隊

Wong Way Down Jazz Symphony簡介

黃彥康 Nate Wong - 鼓
Callum Mackenzie - Saxophone薩克斯管
Farley - Trumpet
Arnold De La Verdi - Trumpet
韓昊 Han Hau - Guitar 結他
Patrick Lui - Piano
Max Mckellar - Bass
林傑飛 Jeff Lehmberg - Bass 低音大提琴

Nate w/ The Wong Way Down is Hong Kong’s edgiest swing band born from a band of renegade professional musicians in HK who's regular gigs range from playing in the Sammi Cheng, Rubber Band to the Hong Kong Philharmonic, but when playing with WWD, the chains are off. 

WWD has performed at the HK International Jazz Festival, Guangzhou Opera House, Freespace Festival and hosts HK’s longest running jam session. This performance will feature original jazz music combining traditional swing jazz with a modern aesthetic.

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