HK 樂隊


Rhythmaker is a non-profit music organisation established in 2019, which focuses on percussion chamber music. The group of five local professional percussionists love the possibilities in percussion music and delve into repertoire that is especially for handheld percussion. They aim to promote percussion chamber music by holding regular concerts and workshops, and have received great acclaim from the students and audience who participated.

Daily objects are their favorite musical instruments alongside the traditional ones - wine bottles, ice trays, wooden stools, paper cups etc. The inclusion of such objects creates a tighter bond with audiences and also provides a wider range of sounds available to them. This helps greatly by breaking the barricade between performers and audience which allows a much deeper connection between them.

Visual effects are also considered alongside music itself. Rhythmaker has made an effort in lighting and theatrical performances and hope they can bring a brand new visual-audio experience to the audience.

The group love to create and explore new percussion repertoire. In 2021, Rhythmaker was invited by International Fringe Association as the commission percussion group in their percussion composition competition.

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