Masters of Choreography


Masters of Choreography簡介

We are a production company focused on creating and producing commercial dance theatre shows and events.

Our aim is to also showcase and highlight the amazing talents of our Australian Choreographers. Our aim is to make their names known within mainstream media and within each household. Our aim is to make the Choreographer the Star!

The ultimate aim is to always create platforms for our choreographers to showcase their creativity and genres of dance, whilst endeavouring to create ongoing employment opportunities for them and the dance community.

We will do this via our shows and competitions. We will showcase different choreographers from any and all genres by means of our stage productions. We will also give them a competitive platform via our competitions. 

We specialise in dance theatre productions and will be highlighting Australia's best choreographers and routines, as well as bringing you international guest choreographers for your enjoyment and entertainment.

We are also the team behind UDO Australia, dedicated to the art of street dance. We are part of the global UDO brand from the UK and will create a competitive arena for street dancers to compete for a chance to represent Australia at the worlds' largest street dance competition, the UDO World Street Dance Championships held in the UK at the end of August.

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