The collective JODI are early pioneers of the movement and have since the mid-1990s employed the internet as a space for artistic and technological experimentation. Their works span browser-based HTML artworks to immersive installations, and often embrace elements of retrofitting, hacking, or purposeful misuse of software and hardware alike—much like the transgressive tech-savvy anti-heroes of classic cyberpunk literature. In 1999, they started the practice of modifying old video games to make so-called “art mods” that repurposed the games for artistic purposes. In SOD, the early video game Wolfenstein 3D (1992), in which the goal was to escape from a Nazi dungeon, is heavily deconstructed into a near-abstract maze of pure geometrical forms and pixelated patterns in black, white, and gray. This broken-down game space remains only vaguely architectural and thus highly disorienting, as viewers are asked to immerse themselves in the game as real players within the exhibition. SOD is a hallucinatory journey through virtual imagespace, and a testament to the early vision of the internet as a spatial construct.