Paradoxes Episode I – the “Being”


Gallery Psypedia is pleased to present the Inaugural Joint Exhibition - Paradoxes: Episode I – the “Being” - the first version of a series of group exhibitions featuring new and established Hong Kong artists. 

The concept of Paradox has a long history across cultures and disciplines, which enfolds the ambiguity and absurdity in different daily life events - immediate as constructing oxymoronic phrases in a conversation, or sophisticated as the philosophical and psychological debate of rationality versus emotion in human behavior. 

The first edition of the exhibition series features three Hong Kong young artists who are dedicated to disclose the paradoxical happenings related to their self-identities and existence - the “being”, which triggered their thought-provoking gestures in art. Ranging from paintings to photography, be it unconsciously conscious, sanely insane, unreasonably reasonable, or rationally irrational, the artists speculate their surroundings with self-contradiction and absurdity, in hope of reaching a closest truth with the inherent antagony of human conditions in our time.

Bea Au’s Emoji is a series of photographs where the artist posted with her face painted with the popularized emoticons, questioning the overdose of these emoticons in digitalized communications and how the sophisticated human emotions has been substituted by these highly manipulated and simplified icons.

Jessie Leung’s Swine Full and Duck Fever continued her investigation of humanity and how human are differ from animal. She used surreal depiction of disturbingly obese human bodies as a metaphor of how addictive behaviors encapsulate the swelling emptiness and craving desire within - just like fatness.

Josephine Lui’s Self-portrait is a set of four life-sized oil paintings on wood panels in which she depicted the delusional states of her self-consciousness through bizarre and haunting representations of herself, which also acted as a realization and actualization of her own existence.

Dr. Steve Tso, a consultant psychiatrist and enthusiastic amateur photographer, would like to talk about “Arts and Well Being” after the opening. The Talk is held in L403, JCCAC and is open to public.

Hong Kong Artists: Bea Au / Jessie Leung / Josephine Lui


2015年1月10日- 2015年2月12日
開放時間: 13:00 - 19:00 (星期一至六)

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