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Full Moon

Soluna Fine Art

Soluna Fine Art is delighted to present the “Full Moon” group exhibition from 28 January to 6 March. The exhibition will showcase Choi Young Wook, Lee Kang-hyo, Lee Geejo, Kim Duck Yong and Kim Yikyung’s work.

Despite its subtle colours and composition, the moon jar has been critically acclaimed by scholars, art critics and collectors since the Joseon Dynasty, and is now perceived as a contemporary art genre that transcends the traditional conceptual limitations of Korean ceramics. The Moon Jar is named for its snow-like colour, which resembles the elegance of the full moon. The ceramists who master this exquisite technique understand that to create such large scale ceramics, one needs to throw the upper and lower bodies separately, and then join them together as one. As a result, the Moon Jar is often imperfect with a slightly anomalous shape - resembling the constantly changing moon phases. In other words, the organic beauty of the Moon Jar lies in its imperfection, contrary to the emphasis of perfect formative beauty found within the Western art canon. In this group exhibition, the artists demonstrate a strong academic approach in their research of the diversity and aesthetics of Korean Moon Jars, encouraging the audience to reflect on the associated philosophies of the moon and the cycles of nature.

2021年01月28日 - 2021年03月06日
開放時間: 10:00 - 18:00 (一至六)

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