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李寧及沈軍翰聯展“The Blazing World”

安全口 Gallery Exit

《The Blazing World》呈獻新晉藝術家李寧和沈軍翰的作品。 二人創作靈感均來自現實世界的零碎事物,併合個人的夢境及潛藏意像,分別透過版畫及油畫併構出虛幻的現實世界。

LI Ning’s subject matter is inspired by dreams and daily sceneries, with multiple scenes and characters presented in the same composition. He constructs a bizarre world of unique characters being in a boundless territory without a definite start and end, with multiple actions and narratives happening at the infinite loop of time and space. LI’s working style fuses with his practice and experience as a tattoo practitioner. He applies delicate lines to form positive and negative space structures, adopting the sensibility and techniques of tattooing into his print works. The format of both mediums is remarkably similar: it is a process of pigment insertion and conversion of inked-lines into patterns on to human skins and canvas’ surfaces. His technique is also a form of collaging, instead of using ready-made as his source-material, he applies and combines his own archive of image patterns and materials for his composition.

Stanley SHUM’s oil works investigate the mentality of individual and social ideologies of the reality. SHUM explores the psychological portrayals of contemporary society, as well as the nonentity of social power, depicting an imaginary new world of hope with dazzling promises. The artist combines the realistic and metaphorical sceneries by infusing the imaginary scenes, nature landscape and man-made urban landscape on the same compositions. His works exhibit a state of confusion and melancholy, it is also a respond to the current social turbulence and the inevitable human condition of restlessness, depression and hollowness.

2020年1月11日 - 2020年2月29日
開放時間: 11:00 - 18:00 (二至六)

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